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Balanced Equine Solutions is a combination of alternative and complementary therapies as well as natural horsemanship training and development. We focus on helping horse and rider physically, emotionally and behaviorally. I specialize in soft tissue release, massage, meridian clearing, emotion clearing, cranial sacral, natural horsemanship training and horsenality assessments. All natural products are used to support the body work.

What is Complementary Therapy?

Complementary Therapy is when holistic modalities are used solely or in conjunction with traditional veterinary medicine to assist in healing, managing or preventing health problems. When holistic methods are used they are referred to as alternative care. Holistic methods are not meant to replace veterinary care but can be used as an alternative or complement to veterinary care. The greatest benefit of these therapies can be in their preventative nature, like they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Holistic therapies seek to create, maintain, and/or restore the balance within the body to allow natural healing. These treatments are individualized based on the needs of the horse and are used to address the root cause of the problem not just the symptom and can prevent future problems to keep the body functioning at its best.

Is your horse trying to tell you something?

Your horse maybe trying to tell you something!

Unbalanced body, blocked energy, poor fitting tack, unbalanced rider. All these things mean one thing to the horse....PAIN! Horse's rarely act out due to just being mean. Most of the time there is a cause of pain or discomfort when your horse doesn't do what is asked of them. Before getting too upset with them, consider what they may be trying to tell you.

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