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Sky's Rehab

Continued from Rehab page..

He said he was kind of busy this morning but to send a picture then he would let me know when he could make it. I snapped this picture and sent it over. Minutes later my phone rings and all I hear is "I am on my way." I was somewhat relieved that he was on his way, but concerned that he thought it was that bad to drop everything and come see her.

He stitched her up and wrapped her leg. I go to thank him and pay the bill and ask what should I do now. His instructions were to keep her in the stall, limit movement. Change the bandage every couple of days and we will see how it goes. My next question was "Doc, she is only 3, I had big plans for her, will this hurt her athletic ability as she gets older?" He said, "well there will be scar tissue and it is over a joint, only time will tell."

The next few months were very challenging to keep a young horse stalled and of course she ended up blowing out the stitches. Below you can see a timeline of the healing as I continued to treat her.

Months later, after the wound had completely healed, I remembered the vet said there would be scar tissue. Knowing what I do know, I grabbed the Dynamite Balm and did many Balm Sweats to continue the healing.

I continued to do these over the course of the next year.

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