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Equine Therapies

How does this work?

When you decide to work with Lynn, it is recommended your horse go through three appointments to get the full benefit of the body balancing process. The first session is $85 and includes an evaluation, consultation and Body Balance. Session two,  three and follow-up are $75.  Body balancing with a cranial session is $150. Trip charge may apply. Any additional products recommended for accelerated healing, fees may apply.


Personal Muscle Testing session for you or your horse!

Want to know if all those supplements are really helping? Wondering if they like the new herd buddy? 

Disclosure: Muscle testing is in no way  diagnosing or treating based on question answers. It is used to receive information from the body and subconscious mind reading positive or negative vibes to determine if it is a positive or negative thing for the body. It can be very helpful with emotional trauma, mental blocks, energetic blocks, finding items that are harmonious with your body.

Phase 1: Body Balancing

The first session will include musculoskeletal unwinding and myofascial releases that help the body re-align and balance the energetic system. Unwinding can remove defensive habits and flush emotional traumas. Emotions are powerful and can cause illness and even death. Soft gentle moves to manually release and keep the skeleton in proper form and function is where we start thus helping the body to load the joints and hoof correctly.

Phase 2: Advanced Balancing & Meridian Clearing

Soft tissue unwinding is done after the initial balancing has had time to take place. Items like Meridians, Fascia and soft tissue are addressed along with customized support options. Meridians are like water hoses, and when they get a kink it stops the flow of energy. Each meridian ties to an organ/area of the body. If that area is blocked lameness or illness may occur. Through our energy we can remove those blockages through clearing or releasing acupoints with our own energy and/or essential oils. Energy work on deep muscles help the body to continue release.

After this horse's second session he could comfortably stand square. Releasing the deep muscles in the chest relaxed the chest so he could stand wider in the front and square under his body.

Phase 3: Cranial Decompression Session  

Most horses have had head trauma from a young age. The soft plates in the head are easily shifted causing headaches, bit issues and unbalance in the body. This can result in a break down in joints and soft tissues. This service requires a wet mash be used. If client does not have pellets available for use. Lynn can provide hay pellets for $5. 


Notice this horse's left eye (right side of picture) is much lower. After the Balancing session and a cranial session this horse is much happier and balanced. This balancing will continue for him over the next 3 days.


Follow up

After the horse has completed 3 sessions, at that time we will discuss any further options for continued healing. Additional session may include Essential oil treatments, advanced energy work, overview and education on how to keep your horse happy and healthy! 

Essential Oil Treatment

Essential Oils treatment is very beneficial to a horse that is trying to be rebalance. Oils are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral and can help the horse that may be fighting anything in their system. Only CTPG oils are used.

Balanced Equine Solutions LLC is located just off SR 37/US 69 on the south side of Indianapolis. All services include the first 20 miles of travel one way. Mileage after that is $1.00 per mile. Balanced Equine Solutions LLC only uses Certified Therapeutic Grade Essentials Oils. Many oils on the market are diluted even though they may state they are 100% pure, however they are not food grade.

Most sessions last approximately one hour but may vary depending on the horse.  

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